Frequently asked questions

1) Do we have any branch?

    Yes, We have 2 Branches both clinics are at Palampur Town.

2) How you customize your treatment kits?

    Treatment kits are customized by specific questions asked under each kit and detailed investigation

    done by patient side is provided to us,which we analyse and medicine is packed and sent to patient.


3) Can I order medicines for any new/acute disease?

    You can consult us , but we request you not to order Disease kit for acute/new illness.

4) Can i order for any chronic/old illness?

     Yes, Any Chronic/old disease you can order by Kit.

5) I am already taking allopathy medicine, should i stop it?

    After seeking details of your illness, we will advise about it.

6) I have already tried ayurveda medicine but no results?

    Dear, All depends upon proper diagnosis and high quality medicines. We make our own medicines and 

    Choose most effective medicines of ayurveda.We have range of more than 300 type of Ayurvedic medicines.

    time to time ,quality of medicine is checked and used by us.

7) Patient is suffering from terminal illness, How your treatment kit helps him?

    Herbal medicines helps to improve immunity,power and energy. Most of times patient recovers very well.

8) Can i take ayurvedic treatment kit in pregnancy or breast feed?

     Yes, you can.

9) Are their any side effects of treatment kits or ayurvedic medicines?

    No, some times minor side effects may seen but very very rare.

10) My illness is not present in Your Ayurvedic Kit, What I do?

     You need not to worry, You can chat with us ,describing your problem then we will advise you

     which kit suitable for your problem.

11) I live outside India, how can I get treatment?

     Only online consultation available for patients living outside India. But Postage will extra,depends upon

     different service providers.I any body wants then he should mail us.

12) Kya mirgi ,fits,dora ,epilepsy ka parmanent ilaj sambhav hai ?

       Yes,with ayurveda we have treated many  cases successfully. all their allopathy medicines left after 6 months get ayurveda treatment from us .

13) What is success rate of fistula ksharsutra surgery ?

       We have 100% success rate at our Ayurvedic hospital.

14) Ksharsutra fistula surgery recovery time?

        Our  Recovery time  kshaesutra fistula surgery  is 1 to 6 months depending upon complexity of fistula at our clinic only , rest of the country it               varies from 6 months to 1 year.

15) What are home remedies for fistula in ano?

      We do not suggest any home remedy, It is incurable with any medicine, only Ksharsutra is succesful treatment